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Company Culture

Our Vision: Hopthink seeks to be one of the influential enterprise in the industry for high quality service delivering superior value to customers, shareholders and associates.
Our Mission: To benefit customer at most reasonable prices; 
To incubate employees with the optimal culture;
To make utmost endeavor to advance industry;
To return society from the bottom of sincere heart.
Our Objective: To become a leading force of industry within 5 years.
Core Value: Quality - Unity and aggressiveness, excellence and innovation, benevolence and gratitude.

Integrity - We have found that by taking responsibility, acting ethically, and encouraging honest, open debate, we inspire a trust in our employees that shows itself in the highest levels of personal and professional integrity.

Profession - Professional operation and process, professional behavior, attitude, and execution.

Self-Improvement - Everyone needs improvement, encourage creative

Cooperation - team work, help each other, team‘ goal is the highest goal

All-Win - All win with customer, shareholder, employee and society.
Operation Idea: 
Management Idea: talent-oriented, scientific management, standardizing operation, performance targeted.

Marketing Idea: character shape product, Credibility goes before product.

Brand Idea: Achieve visual banquet, share abundant value.

Quality Idea: Accumulate slight improvement to go into perfection

Service Idea: Profession, in-time, enthusiastic, try our best.

Talent Idea: To foster virtue by wisdom to foster learning by virtue moral goodness comes first to prosper by erudition right comes with given position suitable title to be granted rich salary matches workload special treatment to be given

Learning Idea: It‘s never too old for all to learn.

Success Idea: We can get what we believe so.

Staff‘s Standard :Honesty, pragmatic, optimistic, persistent, realistic, brave, studious, enterprising.

Our Slogan: Success depends on details, Attitude is everything!